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10 Benefits of Switching Your Business To VoIP Phone Services

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Business VoIP Provider

Modern business requires modern solutions. VoIP telephone services provide flexibility, reliability & remote working options. VoIP is quickly becoming status queue.

Summary of Key Benefits Offered With Business VoIP

Our team is so passionate about business VoIP and the power of Hosted PBX that we could go on and on like a country song about all the benefits that VoIP offers small businesses.

We’ll save you the trouble of reading a 10,000-word blog post and cut to the chase with 10 seriously awesome benefits that your small business will realize by switching from traditional telephone services over to modern VoIP services offered by our team at B1 Communications.


VoIP Offers Cost Savings

1.  Monthly Savings

Our VoIP services are streamlined without major costs on our end. That savings is passed directly to our customers with an average of 32% saved monthly. All without sacrificing any features or services you currently enjoy.

2. Telephone PBX Equipment

Included with your monthly services is our managed PBX system. This saves you thousands and the hassle of managing an on-site PBX system (it managed your call flow/greeting/features/etc)

3. Telephone Lease Program

We proudly offer a robust VoIP Telephone Lease Program which doesn’t require contracts, upfront cost or credit checks. It’s simple and easy to get setup with our telephone services plan.

4. Avoid Surprise Costs

Choosing a Hosted PBX means that you won’t need to hire telephone technicians at $150 per hour when issues arise, or changes are required. Just give us a call and we’ll fix/update the system.


VoIP Features Streamline Business

5. Professional Greeting

Included with VoIP is our professional greeting. This gives your business an edge, creating a customer experience that makes you look like a huge (well put together) business that can be trusted.

6. Connect Multiple Locations

VoIP gives you the ability to integrate multiple locations & remote workers. You can automatically transfer unanswered calls to an available staff member elsewhere using the power of VoIP.

7. Voicemail to Email

You aren’t always in-front of your telephone and we get that. Instead of using your VoIP desk phone to access voicemail, we voicemail to your inbox. This gives you the ability to forward email ‘voicemails’ to various team members, and save them long term. You’ll get an mp3 attachment and details about your voicemail.

8. Work From Home, or the beach

VoIP gives you the option of setting up a home office or vacation home with the same outbound number as your office. Your secret is safe with us, your customers will never be the wiser.

9. Modern Collaboration Tools

We understand that communication goes beyond the telephone. That’s why our solution includes company chat rooms, internal file sharing and collaboration tools.

10. Software Integration With VoIP Telephones

Telephone services integrate into your existing CRM, support software and Chrome web browser. Ask our team for a complete list of software and systems that integrate into your VoIP telephone services.


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