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4 Signs Your Phone System Needs To Be Upgraded

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Your Phone System Is a Critical Business Tool

You may not think about your phone system on a regular basis. However I bet you use it every single day without exception to connect with customers, vendors and sales opportunities alike. We take for-granted that our phone system will just work as expected and keep operating. Many of our new customers choose B1 Communications because our VoIP telephone system is included with your monthly services and there is no upfront cost.

The common legacy business phone systems are Panasonic, Toshiba, Nortel, Norstar, Meridian, NEC, Avaya, Cisco UCM, BCM, plus another 50+ small phone brands. Back in the day these brands dominated the space. They offered advanced (at the time) features like call display, overlines, call transfer and auto-attendant phone features.


Fast forward 20+ years to modern times and you’ll find that many of these brands are no longer in business. Their phone systems are no longer supported and they require heavy investment to maintain and add phones too. They’ve almost become collector items, not modern business communication tools. You’ll find that PBX Tech’s are required to support your phone system, make feature changes, and tweak features. This is an added expense that can run you an extra $150.00 per hour of unexpected costs anytime your legacy phone system has an issue.


4 signs your business needs to invest in a new phone system


1. Your Phone System is falling apart

It’s time to upgrade your phone system if you have limited functionality, features and it requires an on-site PBX system. Some clues to the end of your phone system life is the requirement to hire PBX Technicians on a more frequent basis. It’s also a clue that your phone system starts to loose life. Some phones stop operating, maybe some features no longer operate.


2. Your Phone System is discontinued

If your telephones are discontinued and no longer being made. It’s time to look at upgrading. As with many of the telephone brands we listed above, their phone systems are discontinued. They are no longer being made as evolution has replaced them with modern, new telephone systems. If your phones are discontinued, it’s time to look at replacing them.


3. Your phones require an on-site PBX system

Modern telephone systems utilize cloud PBX systems. There is no cost to the end customer and no installation of a bulky phone system. If your office has an on-site system you are missing critical features and services available for those businesses who have upgraded their phones.


4. Limited Features Available

Your telephone system can limit your ability to make decisions or expand your horizon. The modern phone system has mobile apps, desktop integrations and voicemail to email solutions. It can allow your team to work remotely, keeping connected with your customers and supplies.


Does your phone system need upgrading?

If your telephone system was created at the time of the dinosaurs. You should really consider the ability of the new telephone features we can offer your business. Contact our team and we will discuss options and how we can help you.



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