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5 Reasons Smart Businesses Switch To Hosted PBX Telephones

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You have to be living in a box if you haven’t seen the shift to cloud-based solutions. From accounting software, data storage, CRM, etc.It’s cheaper, faster, and scales with your business. Why should your telephone system be any different? Introducing B1 Communications, we’re a Vancouver-based VoIP telephone provider for small to mid-size businesses looking for cost effective alternatives.

The term PBX describes the computer that operates and manages call transfers, professional greetings, voicemail and department routing. These systems are either hosted in the cloud, or on-location.

Although cloud-based software has become the standard, it seems the telephone remains in the dark ages with on-site PBX systems. Unfortunately, PBX systems are expensive, limited in features, and lack the ability to scale or offer multi-office integration. Simply put, businesses that choose on-site PBX telephone systems are at a major competitive disadvantage.


 Hosted PBX systems or ‘cloud telephones’ are the future of office communications.


Although we could go on and on with countless benefits and telephone features included, we’ll save you the trouble and give the highlights. The top 5.5 reasons small businesses switch to Hosted PBX Telephone systems.


1. Major Cost Savings

The purchase and maintenance of any on-site PBX system can cost thousands of dollars upfront with ongoing maintenance and upkeep. If you have multiple locations it can easily cost tens of thousands with each location requiring an independent PBX system. Hosted solutions like B1 Communications will save you thousands in upfront capital investment and avoid future hassles.


2. Extensive Telephone Features

Hosted PBX systems give you access to a wide variety of telephone features like call routing, email to voicemail and professional greetings. The system is managed remotely and doesn’t cost anything to change or upgrade. On the other hand, on-site systems often require technicians that charge an hourly rate upward of $150 per hour.


3. Setup & Moving Flexibility

Because hosted PBX systems are cloud-based, there is no setup or installation costs. You simply plug your VoIP telephone into a high-speed connection and you are ringing. (sorta speak) This flexibility extends to office moves, or remote use at homes, or conferences.


4. Unlimited Scalability & Growth

Do your ambition have limits? We didn’t think so… Hosted PBX systems can scale from 1 telephone in a garage into multi-locations with call centres and advanced call management for hundreds of staff.


5. No License Fees or Contracts

Many on-site PBX systems include on-going license fees and long term contracts that are difficult to impossible to break. Our hosted PBX telephones are flexible, and on a month-to-month calling plan with no contract, or setup fees.


5.5.  One Point of Contact

Have you ever had an issue involving multiple companies pointing the finger at one another, refusing to take responsibility? B1 Communications is your single point of contact for your telephone services, hardware, features, and setup. It allows you to focus on what matters, running your business..



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