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5 VoIP Features For Hardcore Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship runs through your veins, it fills your lungs and wakes you in the middle of the night with a flurry of ideas. I can relate, and VoIP can deliver. It’s one of those incredibly powerful and flexible services that can match your dedication and commitment levels.

Let me explain. VoIP alone is just a telephone using your internet connection, it’s a means to the end like HDMI or USB cables. It does however, allow for an extremely powerful Hosted PBX which gives us the ability to manage everything remotely. It’s cost effective and offers small businesses the telephone features and flexibility needed.


1. Receive inbound calls across multiple phones

If your day is anything like mine you are constantly on the move. Starting in a home office with your first cup of coffee. Heading to sales meetings, lunches, and networking events throughout the day. All in all, you’re spending quite a bit of time outside of the office so why isn’t your office phone connecting important calls to your cell phone or home office automatically? VoIP has the ability to send inbound calls to multiple phones, even cellphones. For instance, if you don’t pickup at the office within 3 rings, the calls are redirected to your cell phone, or home office automatically.


2. Setup after hours Answering Rules

Your customers are important and you want to be accessible if they need your help after hours. However, that doesn’t mean you want to deal with frivolous questions or things that can wait until Monday. With VoIP greetings we can set up an auto-attendant “Thank you for calling, if you would like to leave a message stay on the line. If this is an emergency that needs immediate attention press 1 to be connected to our team.” This greeting gives customers the option to connect if it’s needed but keeps the basic questions in voicemail.


3. Take your phone home or on vacation

The workaholic’s dream has come true. Because VoIP telephones are based on internet connectivity you can technically go anywhere in the world and plug the phone in as if you’re in the office. Customers can call your local number and reach you in the Swill Alps and visa verse. You won’t receive any long distance charges or surprises on your next invoice. This also gives you the ability to have a home office connected to your office telephone system. Perfect if you need to spend a day away from the daily hustle to handle accounting, or administrative duties.


4. Low upfront cost & cash-flow friendly monthly services

When you’re launching a business every dollar counts and we know it. If you select traditional phone services you’ll be forced to spend thousands of dollars to get the phone system and technicians to install and set it up. Our VoIP telephones include some of the most cost effective phone options available on the market. Our telephone plans include every feature you’ll need and North America wide calling.


5. Quick & dedicated customer support

This aspect is often over-looked when selecting your telephone vendor but it’s critically important. Are they going to charge additional fees for on-site visits or training & what kind of customer service they include. B1 Communications includes dedicated customer service without long hold times.



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