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5 VoIP Features That Will Dramatically Improve Customer Service

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Customer service is the difference between mediocre success, and hyper growth. It’s not so much a skill, but a deep commitment to deliver ‘world class’ experiences. We’ve all heard the stories from Zappos and Southwest Airlines. They are legendary for going above and beyond the call of duty. Meanwhile, you sit on the sidelines. Let’s talk about Customer Service, specifically how VoIP can impact customer service.

Learn how Business VoIP telephones can actually improve customer service for your small business. You will no longer be limited by an expensive PBX system (telephone computer that manages features & transfers) our cloud-based system included enterprise telephone features and unlimited North American calling.

1) Callers Receive Professional Greeting

Your brand image is important and should extend beyond your business card or website. Setting the tone and voice of your brand with a professional greeting accomplishes two things. First you can offer customers the chance to be informed about important facts like the year you started or awards won. “Thank you for calling the leading supplier of widgets since 1985.” Secondly, the professional greeting can be scheduled and adjusted based on the day/time of the call. “Thank you for calling, we are currently closed. Our hours of operation are…” Ultimately a professional greeting gives your business credibility and trust in a crowded marketplace.

2) Receive Important Calls On The Go

If you’re anything like me, you’re rarely in the office for the full day. You’re constantly running between meetings, suppliers and customer site visits. Have you ever asked yourself how many important calls you are letting role to voicemail? Research indicates 70% of customers don’t leave voicemails, which means you are missing opportunities. Instead of offering your cell phone number, we will setup ‘Landline 2 Go’ which automatically transfers unanswered calls to your cell phone. If you still don’t answer, the caller will receive your office voicemail instead of your personal voicemail. How incredible is that?

3) Automatically Transfer Unanswered Calls

You may not always be in the office or able to answer calls. Perhaps all inbound calls are routed through the receptionist. If they are step away from their desk, do calls go to voicemail? Business VoIP enables unanswered calls to be automatically routed to other members of the team who are capable of answering customer questions quickly, and accurately. This telephone feature builds customer loyalty, appreciation and gives your team the opportunity to cross-promote other services/products.

4) Record Calls For Quality Control 

You know the value of a customer, but does your newest staff member? If an employee is being rude or providing inaccurate information to customers it’s important that you are aware, and have the tools necessary to take action. VoIP features include the ability for you to setup on-demand recording, phone specific recording, or company-wide recording for inbound and/or outbound calls. Call recording gives you the ability to audit staff members and ensure they are following best practices and provide accurate information.  Listening to phone interactions between customers and employees may also provide insight into common problems or questions customers have. This gives you the opportunity to update your website content, or clarify your product to reduce the amount of calls you receive. *We recommend consulting legal advice on the requirements around privacy laws.

5) Receive Voicemail Messages To Your Email 

Instead of being forced to use your desk phone to review voicemails in chronological order, use your email inbox. Customer voicemails will be sent as an MP3 Attachment to your email address which gives you quick access to check voicemail on the go, and keep them on file for future reference. This feature improves the chances your team will respond to voicemails in a timely manner.


Choosing VoIP Can Improve Customer Service

As you can see B1 Communications VoIP services offer robust features that are designed to improve business operations. Whether you’re in the mortgage business, professional services, or mining industry; our telephone services can be adjusted to fit your unique business requirements. Our customers range from small home-based businesses to multi-national organizations with satellite offices and remote workers.


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