3 Reasons To Choose VoIP Providers in Canada for your Small Business

There are a dozen reasons to choose a Canadian VoIP Provider. Here are the 3 most important. Most businesses start researching service providers using Google. However, when you google “Small Business VoIP Provider” there is an astonishing 47,200,000 results that show up. How do you narrow down 47 million options? Even if 50% of these […]

4 Signs Your Phone System Needs To Be Upgraded

Your Phone System Is a Critical Business Tool You may not think about your phone system on a regular basis. However I bet you use it every single day without exception to connect with customers, vendors and sales opportunities alike. We take for-granted that our phone system will just work as expected and keep operating. […]

Business Telephone Companies Ranked (Customer Service Hold Times)

Telephone Provider Lies Uncovered… How many times have you called your telephone provider and heard “We’re experiencing higher than normal call volume.” Which is often followed by “Your call is important to us.” It’s become so commonplace we don’t think twice when hearing those recordings. But if we stop and think about it, we all […]

2021 Unified Communications Trends

Unified Communications is the new requirement for business telephone systems The term Unified Communications has been around since the mid 90s in the telecom industry. However it’s become mainstream within the last few years and more recently, in part because of COVID-19. Business leaders were forced to upgrade all major IT infrastructures and adapt to […]

Office Phone Systems – Choosing The Right Provider is Critical

business phone systems

Choosing the right office phone system for your business is critical Welcome to the year 2021, like everything else, office phone systems have evolved and become much more complex. They offer a wide range of advanced features, mobile & desktop software, and integrations into various CRM and Ticketing systems. Selecting the correct VoIP provider is […]

Why We Choose Vancouver

As a Vancouver native I often overlook the beauty of this city. I forget that most cities around the world aren’t surrounded by beautiful beaches, seawalls, and stunning mountains for hiking, skiing & snowboarding I specifically wanted B1 Communications to be entirely Vancouver based. Outsourcing was never considered and never will be. From our VoIP Engineers, customer […]

Can Your Business Really Save Money With VoIP Telephones?

Let’s be really honest, switching office phones to VoIP isn’t exactly a top priority unless you’re moving offices or have some major issue with your provider. We understand the reality of your world and the unknown effort involved can be daunting. Not to mention training the staff on the new VoIP phones and learning a […]

5 VoIP Features For Hardcore Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship runs through your veins, it fills your lungs and wakes you in the middle of the night with a flurry of ideas. I can relate, and VoIP can deliver. It’s one of those incredibly powerful and flexible services that can match your dedication and commitment levels. Let me explain. VoIP alone is just a telephone using […]

5 VoIP Features That Will Dramatically Improve Customer Service

Customer service is the difference between mediocre success, and hyper growth. It’s not so much a skill, but a deep commitment to deliver ‘world class’ experiences. We’ve all heard the stories from Zappos and Southwest Airlines. They are legendary for going above and beyond the call of duty. Meanwhile, you sit on the sidelines. Let’s talk […]

Case Study: 3 Small Businesses That Improved With VoIP Telephones

Our team is asked daily by small business owners why they should upgrade to VoIP telephones. ‘Can VoIP really have an impact on business operations and budget?’ The answer depends on your business, and how the VoIP phones are setup. Before we setup VoIP phones in your business we’re going to ask you a ton […]