Switch To VoIP Can Be Scary For Small Business

We thought we’d take a minute to face the scary & overwhelming side of making the switch to business telephone providers from traditional phone lines to VoIP with Hosted PBX. You’re going from a known telephone system to something new. VoIP offers all kinds of promises around flexibility, cost savings, and advanced features, but at […]

Hire Remote Staff With VoIP Telephones

You heard correctly, VoIP telephones will give you the tools necessary to attract better talent and surpass your competitors. Let us explain. Traditional telephones require staff to be within your office 9-5 handling customer service, outbound calling campaigns & general business activities. Compare this with VoIP which is night and day. VoIP telephones powered with […]

My Entrepreneurial Journey To VoIP

As an entrepreneur, you’re in the trenches making 10,000 decisions daily. From your target audience, branding, and of course vendors. When I launched my first business, Evoda Group a digital marketing agency in Vancouver I spent a significant amount of time sourcing suppliers. Everything from print shops for business cards to hosting providers and accounting software. […]

The Business Case For Our New Website

Entrepreneurs are constantly being sold new websites by digital agencies looking for their next website project. You need to decide when it’s right to move forward. It takes an incredible amount of time and resources to build a new website or brand project. As someone that spent 4 years running a digital marketing agency, and […]