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Office Phone Systems – How to make the right decision

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Business Phone Systems

Office Phone Systems – Features You Cannot Afford To Overlook

We’re always surprised when businesses don’t have Call Display on their office phone systems. You read that right, in the year 2021 there are still businesses without call display on their telephones. It’s shocking and unreal. Now that we’ve covered the opposite side of the spectrum, let’s talk about the possibilities of modern cloud PBX telephone systems. We’re often told by businesses that their needs are not complex. They won’t need all the features and their business telephone needs are quite simple. It’s a common story we hear from business owners. That is until we introduce features that actually make a big impact on how they operate their business. Maybe it’s a greeting that directs callers to the correct department, or an after-hours emergency call forwarding system that actually knows if your staff pickup the calls.


The Modern Phone Systems Integrate & Support Your Business

This isn’t your grandfathers phone system. We offer incredible VoIP Features that are included with your telephone plan. Your modern phone systems integrate with your CRM software, your customer ticketing software and your mobile smartphone.

Along with the endless list of new features available, you have the option of removing the phone from the equation entirely. You read that right. Your phone system has gone virtual. You can download a Desktop or Mobile App that acts as your desk phone. All you need is a good quality headset and you’re all setup.

Although virtual phones are becoming more popular in 2021, the vast majority of our customers still request physical telephones. There is something nice about having a phone on your desk. We are huge fans of the Yealink T46 telephone. It’s what our B1 Communications staff use in our Vancouver office and they love the easy navigation, and features of the phone.


Introducing Your Next Phone: The Yealink T46S

The Yealink T46s is a VoIP Business phone with an impressive 27 programmable transfer keys. They also have indicator lights so you’ll know who is on the phone, and who is available to help a customer of yours. The phone also includes a large HD colour display. It’s perfect to display your companies logo, or slogan.

Yealink has 3 phones we sell. The Yealink T41 which is a basic phone with 6 programmable keys, the popular T46, and the executive T48 phone. It’s an impressive touch display screen with incredible features. It’s perfect for a CEO or  busy executive. Our most popular phone, the T46 is used by a number of clients. Ranging from Law Firms, Accountants, Travel Agents and Construction based organizations.


Stay Competitive With VoIP Features

Customers are expecting more now than ever before. As a business owner, you’re constantly having to juggle various demands on your time and attention. We recommend looking at your phone systems ability to empower your business. Gives you flexibility and the features to help you stay competitive. Customers should be able to connect to the right person at the right time easily.

Your Office Phone Systems ability to empower you is critical. Does your team want to work remote? Stay connected from a home office? We offer Softphone apps that make remote working possible. If you want to learn more about this feature and more, give us a call.




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