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Office Phone Systems – Choosing The Right Provider is Critical

Reading Time: 4 Minutes
business phone systems
Reading Time: 4 min

Choosing the right office phone system for your business is critical

Welcome to the year 2021, like everything else, office phone systems have evolved and become much more complex. They offer a wide range of advanced features, mobile & desktop software, and integrations into various CRM and Ticketing systems. Selecting the correct VoIP provider is going to depend on the level of integration, mobility and call management that your business requires.


Step 1:  Create Your Dream Phone System

To begin understanding what you’re looking for, start from scratch. Throw out all notions and limiting beliefs of what you think a business phone system is or is not… This is your opportunity to dream big. In your perfect world, does your phone system answer itself? Can you take work calls from the beaches in Cancun Mexico? Does it answer the top 10 questions asked by customers? Nothing is off limits when considering your new communications platform.


Here are a few ideas that are realistic.

  • Your phone system introduces customers to high profit services and cross-promotes your offerings.
  • Your phone system automatically sends callers to your mobile phone as you travel the world. All the while, your customer is non-the-wiser.
  • Voicemail messages are emailed to you and your team. You can review, and answer voicemails on-the-fly.
  • Your phone system can integrate with your CRM system. When customers call, the CRM will pop-up at a moments notice.



Step 2: Do You Select VoIP Telephones or Virtual Extensions (Desktop or Mobile App)

The new question asked during the work-from-home era is the question of physical telephones vs virtual extensions. This relatively new service transforms your desktop computer or mobile phone into your Office Phone System using software. It’s an amalgamation of business tools. Much like your smartphone acting as your camera/camcorder. The future is less physical tools, not more.

For me personally, I’m not quite ready to let go of my deskphone with the tactile buttons, speakerphone and colour display. However, we have plenty of business customers who have ditched the physical phone in favor of a virtual telephone system. Their staff require computer headsets and use their keyboards to dial numbers. The virtual telephone system includes several features not found on the traditional desktop phone.


Key Features Included with your Virtual Phone System

  • Internal staff chat, group chat and file sharing.
  • Company wide status indication (Tells you if a user is on the phone or not)
  • Ultimate Mobility. (Answer calls anywhere your cellphone or laptop is connected to the internet)



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Step 3: Should you Setup an Auto-Attendant Greeting?

We are often asked by business owners if they should setup an auto-attendant greeting. They are afraid to upset customers who are use to a personal touch. We understand their concern, and offer some sage advice. Customers will never be upset with a simple, uncomplicated auto-attendant that gets them to the right staff members quickly.

The results are often the opposite of frustration. Customers are thrilled they are able to get to the right staff member quickly and the auto-attendant informs them when the office is open/closed, etc. Things can fall of the tracks when companies have multi-layered auto-attendants which are difficult to navigate and route callers into 20+ minute holding patterns. Think internet or cellphone provider call centres.


Key Benefits of an Auto-Attendant Greeting

  • It gives your team extra time to focus on important activities. They are busy playing receptionist and routing calls all day.
  • It gives your business a constant brand voice which represents your companies style and approach.
  • It can automatically cross-promote & sell to every single caller. Resulting in increased revenue.



Step 4: What Kind of Customer Support do you want?

This is the biggest factor when selecting your business telephone system and provider. It’s important to know what priorities you have when it comes to the interactions you’ll have with your new VoIP Provider. Will they ship your phones in a box and wish you good-luck? Are you looking for hand-holding and dedicated support? What about an online portal which gives you the ability to manage the telephone system yourself? These are all going to be a factor in deciding who you select as your telephone provider.

For example, B1 Communications is a local Vancouver based VoIP Provider. Meaning we arrive with your phones, work with your IT provider to ensure a smooth setup and train your team. Once you’re all setup, we give you personal one-on-one support for the life of your services with us. We may not have the most advanced online portal or automatic self service available. There are plenty of providers that do a wonderful job at supporting customers from a distance. We however are different – We get to know you, build a personal relationship and create a custom setup for your business.



If you’re a Vancouver business and looking for a reliable VoIP telephone provider.
Our team is here. contact us today for a custom quote.



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