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Can Your Business Really Save Money With VoIP Telephones?

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Let’s be really honest, switching office phones to VoIP isn’t exactly a top priority unless you’re moving offices or have some major issue with your provider. We understand the reality of your world and the unknown effort involved can be daunting. Not to mention training the staff on the new VoIP phones and learning a new system.

If you’re like the majority of our customers, someone you trust and respect recommended B1 Communications. We encourage you to contact them and find out why they made the switch, and learn about their experience. You’ll learn that switching providers is extremely easy with no downtime or interruption. We handle the cancellation with your previous provider and work closely with your team to setup the new VoIP phones. If you’re based in the Vancouver area, we’ll even come on-site and train your team on all the new features and improvements that will help your business.

Let’s talk about the savings you’ll receive by switching to VoIP Telephones. Statistics have the long term savings received by switching to VoIP at 20%-30%. That calculation is made up of three factors: monthly services, on-site PBX systems, and IT cost. Many VoIP providers including B1 Communications offer an ‘all inclusive’ price structure without hidden fees, feature surcharges, and all included North American calling. When you consider all the extra fees, this makes a big difference to the bottom line. Along with the tens of thousands you’ll avoid spending on a PBX system that manages your call routing and voicemail system. We include a Hosted PBX solution in our monthly service fees. This also avoids having additional IT Costs around installation, and service calls.

If we told you that switching to VoIP will take you 60 minutes from decision to setup would you believe us? We’ve mapped out the process and included the amount of time we’ll need from you or your team.


Step 1: Completing the getting started form

This form simply asks for your address, contact numbers, previous providers invoice, and billing information. Including finding your previous providers invoice, we estimate this will take you 10 minutes.


Step 2: We order your VoIP telephones

We source the best-priced telephones and pass the savings onto our customers. This step doesn’t require any time on your part.


Step 3: Account Setup

Our tech department programs your VoIP phones with call routing, voicemail, extensions and greetings. We may follow up with you with a quick 5-minute phone call to ensure it’s your phones are setup.


Step 4:  Prepare Your Office

Before our team arrives you’ll need to ensure each phone will have an internet line, and power plug available. This will take between 10-15 minutes.


Step 5: Telephone Delivery & Demo

Our team will arrive with the phones and explain how they work to your team. This usually takes between 20 – 30 minutes for an in-depth demo and explanation.


Step 6: Telephone Number Porting

Our team contacts your previous provider and ports the number to our network. This doesn’t take you any-time. Just ensure you stop receiving invoices from your previous provider.


Step 7: Enjoy

Simply enjoy your new telephones and the features that are included in your monthly telephone plan. All of our billing is monthly automatic credit card payments so you don’t even need to worry about billing.

Small Businesses are switching to VoIP telephones every day because they know that flexibility, scalability, and technology advancements are all important for their future growth. B1 Communications is a Vancouver based VoIP provider and our team is dedicated to delivering you the very best telephone services available on the market.



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