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Case Study: 3 Small Businesses That Improved With VoIP Telephones

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Our team is asked daily by small business owners why they should upgrade to VoIP telephones. ‘Can VoIP really have an impact on business operations and budget?’ The answer depends on your business, and how the VoIP phones are setup.

Before we setup VoIP phones in your business we’re going to ask you a ton of questions around operations, sales, and customer service. These questions help us understand, and make expert recommendations based on your team’s calling patterns, and customer flow. Both will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line and satisfaction. Our team has helped numerous businesses with unique requirements; We’ve included a few examples of small businesses taking advantage of the flexibility and enterprise features included in our VoIP Business Plans.

VoIP Case Study #1: Multi-location printing business saves $35,000 annually.

John operates a successful printing business started over two decades ago on Vancouver Island. With growing ambition, he recently expanded and acquired another location in downtown Vancouver. Unfortunately, the telephone systems were completely isolated and aging. The Vancouver location began losing business and upsetting existing customers who were unable to contact the team. John’s initial solution involved hiring a full-time staff member for their Vancouver location at a cost of $35,000 annually. Fortunately, John reached out to our team to discuss our Hosted PBX solution. Which is build into our VoIP Business Phones.

Our VoIP deployment team set-up unified communications across both locations, which automatically redirects unanswered calls from Vancouver to available staff at the other location. The results were significant as sales increased, customer service improved all with a cost savings of $35,000 annually.

VoIP Case Study #2: Growing Law Firm struggles with aging PBX system.

This law firm isn’t your typical leather chair & dark wood finishings filled with tailored suits. Quite the contrary in fact. Located in Gastown, their 14 person office is bright, featuring exposed brick walls and bicycles. Their casually dressed support staff share a 12 ft communal table with a beer keg in the kitchen. They are the new ‘cool’ shop in town but sadly their old phones were clunky and didn’t have basic features like transfer or a dial by name directory. Clients and staff were both frustrated enough that cell phones became the go-to norm.

During their expansion, they uncovered something called ‘seat limitation’ on their old PBX system. Basically meaning their old phone system couldn’t handle additional phones.

They had two options; Spend approximately $12,000 on a new on-site PBX system which can support the phone features, and growing staff, or upgrade to VoIP with Hosted PBX and avoid the hefty upfront cost. Which option do you think they selected?

That was a rhetorical question folks. They upgraded to the robust Polycom VVX300 phones, featured on our  Small Business VoIP Phones page. This dynamic law firm has the ability to make quick changes to their system as they grow without fear of seat limitations or expensive roadblocks in the future.

Their staff and clients enjoy an easy to navigate greeting which includes extension and dial by name directories. We kept the same extensions from their previous PBX to avoid confusion, and costly business cards/collateral updates. The law firm loves VoIP and their cloud based PBX system which is managed by our team.

VoIP Case Study #3: Creative Agency With Remote Team

Although this agency has a wicked studio in Coal Harbour, the majority of the team work from home. The idea of a flexible working environment without the hassle of a rush hour commute is very appealing. That being said, it comes with some technical challenges, like a unified communications system.

Clients were forced to call separate cell phones for each employee which lead to some serious problems. The agency no longer controlled the flow of communications and team members were frustrated. Customers started calling late at night & on weekends.

What’s worse, when employees leave, customers continued to call their cellphones… This was a serious problem that needed a serious solution.

Introducing VoIP. We sent telephones to each employee’s home office. They simply plugged the phone into high-speed internet and they had a dial tone. Each phone was assigned an extension and setup using one central telephone number. Customers never knew if employees were at the office or at home.

This solution gives the agency total control of all communications with customers across their remote workforce. We also introduced ‘Landline 2 go” which automatically redirects unanswered office calls to their mobile phones. This feature gives you the benefit of a mobile phone without having to give customers multiple numbers.

They Made The Switch

As you can see, with just 3  examples Business VoIP is an incredibly powerful robust telephone platform. That being said, the majority of our customers have basic setups with 5 – 15 telephones using our Hosted PBX service.



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