We’re launching a new platform that will improve reliability, features and self-serve options.

Why are we launching a new platform?

We started B1 Communications in 2013 with a goal of delivering incredible features with our industry leading platform.

Fast forward nearly 10 years, and the platform is showing its age. We believe it’s time to make a BIG leap forward. 

Renewing our commitment to customers with reliable mobile/desktop apps, new features and a powerful control panel.

We are excited to share this news with you, and give you a sneak peak into the new platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your features, greetings and preferences will migrate to the new system. The upgrade will be seamless with minimal downtime.The new system won’t cost you anything.

But we will be introducing new premium features.Voicemail messages on the phone will be lost. Voicemail to emails will be in your inbox.We will provide you ample time to record any important messages.Call history will be erased at the time of the migration.We will provide ample time to record any important details.You will need to re-record your voicemail greeting.We will send you instructions when the migration takes place.Do you still have questions?Our team will contact you before the migration. You can also email your account manager.

Introducing 4 Enhanced Features

Our new platform is an enterprise-grade telecommunications system. Designed with advanced features and new services we are proudly offering.

Improved Reliability
Self Managed Portal
User Control Panel
NEW Mobile & Desktop App
Improved Reliability


Our new system is designed
with reliability and security at its core.

Dynamic Firewall

Unlike our previous firewall, the dynamic firewall will never block you from placing or receiving calls.

Centralized Servers

Our new servers are significantly easier to manage with a streamlined console.

Automatic Data Centre

Our previous system required manual intervention during an outage. Now we’re fully automatic – saving time and keeping phones online.

Advanced Call Quality

Our new platform has advanced call quality analytics and reports designed to improve call quality.

Improved Server Specs

Our new servers offer significantly more speed, power and data capabilities for our operation which will improve reliability.

More Secure Framework

The new system is designed with security at its core. Separating various aspects of call management to be more secure and reliable.

Self Managed Portal

Self Managed Portal

Welcome to an advanced portal that allows you to run your day-to-day business.

Custom Security Profiles

Give self-management access to key staff members to control daily updates and system changes.

Manager Extension Names

Our most common request. Now you can update extension names and voicemail for new staff.

Setup Holiday Hours

Adjust your office hours and input holiday dates in advance to avoid any overlooked holidays.

Update your greeting & call routing

Provide new recordings or update how calls are routed to your team.

Update Phone Buttons

Program company wide buttons or individual phone buttons with transfer keys, intercom and more.

Instant Updates

Your changes will take effect instantly. No more waiting for our teams response.


Voicemail Transcription

Our voicemail to email now includes an accurate transcription.

Voicemail to email MP3 

You will continue to receive MP3 recordings of your message.

Multiple Email Addresses

You can now send voicemail messages to multiple email addresses.

Accurate Voicemail Transcription 

Our voicemail transcriptions are powered by Google’s accurate voice services.

User Control Panel

User Control Panel

Every staff member will be given access to extension based management and reporting.

Company Contact List

Staff details, phone status (on-call, available) with our dynamic list updated as users change.

Find Me / Call-Forwarding

Staff will be able to update call forwarding and find me call options.

Call History & Call Recording

Staff will be able to access call history and play recorded calls.

Internal Chat

You will be able to communicate with your co-workers.

Voicemail Management

Listen, download, and forward voicemails to other staff members.

Program Phone Buttons

Users will be able to create custom transfer buttons for their phone.

NEW Mobile & Desktop App

NEW Mobile & Desktop Apps

We have a NEW remarkably easy to use system. It’s stable and reliable.

*For existing Mobile and Desktop Users. 

No license Required

There are no license requirements. Desktop, iOS and Android.

Easy Login

The system is easy to use and doesn’t log customers out.

Same Extension Number

You can use the same extension number as your desk phone.

Voicemail Access

Access all your voicemail messages on the go. 

3-way Calling

Make multiple calls and join them together for a group call.

Call Transfer

Transfer callers to your desk phone, or another colleague.


New Premium Services

We are excited to introduce 6 premium services. We will be extending discount trial period for all customers interested.

Advanced Call Analytics & Reports

Advanced Call Analytics Reports

Access statistics for active calls, average talk time, user stats and organization wide call history. Schedule custom reports and automatically email them.

Price Coming Soon

Receptionist Portal

Receptionist Portal

Receptionists can manage call routing, transfer callers and see company wide stats using an online portal.

Price Coming Soon

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

We proudly offer a Microsoft Teams integration with our telephone services.

Price Coming Soon

Call Centre Monitor

Call Centre Monitor

Build a custom display board with metrics. For example, number of callers waiting, average hold time & agent stats. Display on TV’s, and share them across your organization.

Price Coming Soon

Text Messaging Service

Text Messaging Service

Using an online portal, your team can send and receive text messages using your company telephone number.

Price Coming Soon

New Mobile and Desktop Apps

New Mobile & Desktop App

Our new mobile and desktop apps are designed to work with your existing telephone system. Users will be able to seamlessly transfer calls to staff, park, hold queues and more.

$1.99 Per User/Month

Are you Interested in a

Free Trial of our
Premium Services?

Contact your account manager to setup a free trial of our premium services when your migration takes place.