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Business VoIP


Our Business Plan are all-inclusive and include 30+ advanced business telephone features.

Professional Greeting

Create a branded experience for
your customers calling with an

Dial by Name Directory

Empower customers to provide the first 3 digits of a first or last name within your organization to be connected.

Direct Extensions or Numbers

We can maintain your existing extensions or create new ones to make it easy for customers to connect to your team.

Voicemail to Email

Our most popular feature. Voicemail messages are sent as an email with an MP3 attachment.

Conference Calling

An added service includes the ability to create a conference calling room with a security code.

Call Transfer

Callers can be transferred with internal extensions, across locations, or outside numbers like cellphones.

Call Forwarding

Using our online dashboard or phone, you can setup various call forwarding modes to always stay connected.

Custom Hold Announcements

Smart businesses use 'hold' as a marketing opportunity to inform and educate customers waiting for your staff.

Find Me / Follow Me

Unlike call forwarding, Find Me/ Follow Me will ring your desk phone, if you don't answer it will send the call to your cell.

mobile and desktop apps

Work calls on the go

Make and receive work calls on the go with our mobile and desktop apps. Use your office telephone number to place calls, transfer, and receive calls.

Hosted PBX

Telephone Features

Learn more about our VoIP business telephone features.

Advanced Call Routing

Route telephone calls to multiple locations, remote workers, or specific extensions during specific times of day.

Multi-Location Integration

Team members can transfer calls to remote staff or other offices using internal transfer codes.

Smart Call Routing

Calls can be automatically redirected to another location based on schedule, or if they aren't answered.

Online Portal

Our advanced online portal gives users the ability to manage call forwarding, voicemail, call recording & history.

Call Recording

We offer both on-demand & scenario based call recording for businesses of all types.


Create ring groups and departments that customers can be directed towards..

VoIP Provider

Call Centre Phone System

B1 Communication offers an integrated VoIP telecommunication infrastructure for modern call centre operations.

Advanced Call Queues

We offer advanced call management and routing based on various scenarios.

Agent Management

Giving team members the ability to log on/off of multiple call queues.

Reporting & Analytics

We offer robust analytical dashboards with various KPI's for call centres operators.

Hosted PBX

Quality & Reliability

Our Vancouver based VoIP servers and calls are managed within Canada giving you peace of mind.

After-Hours Emergency Call

If your business offers after-hours emergency calls we can manage the call flow and direct it to your staff as needed.

Programmable Transfer Keys

Team members can program their own transfer keys to suite their individual calling needs.

Software Integrations

Our VoIP services can integrate into a number of 3rd party software, CRM's, Customer Support Software etc.

Multi-Business Setup

We can setup multiple inbound and outbound telephone numbers using the same phones for easy management.

International Security Codes

Along with extension based access, we can require a security code before international calls are placed.

3-Way Calling

Along with Conference Calling, you are able to make a 3-way call using your phone directly.

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