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4 VoIP Features Telus Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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Reading Time: 2 min

As the original telecommunications provider in Vancouver, Telus  enjoyed tremendous success as the stand-alone option for small business phone services. If you were in Vancouver and needed a phone line, Telus was your only option.

As a monopoly, Telus was not required to invest in small business features or innovations for many years. That was until 1995 when VoIP was first introduced. As with any technology, the first VoIP services struggled with a barrage of problems. The quality was awful, with continuous problems like echo sounds and dropped calls. It took several years before VoIP was reliable enough for small business usage.

The golden era of competition and telephone innovation was born.

VoIP providers like B1 Communications were not only offering 20%-30% discounts on monthly telephone plans, but we were including innovative features that help businesses thrive.

Remember all the reasons you hate telephone companies? The hidden fees, hard to understand invoices & long customer service hold times etc. We often consider ourselves the non-telephone company. Our team cares about our customers and want to change the way you think about telephone providers.

We are nimble and innovative service providers who understand small business entrepreneurs. Our team values customers and understands that our role is to find services that fit your business, not the other way around.


4 VoIP Features Telus Doesn’t Want You To Know About


1. Location Independent Phones

Unlike traditional telephone lines which are installed. VoIP phones can be plugged into any high-speed internet. You can literally take a telephone home, plug it in and make calls from your office number. Location independent telephones give you the power to make decisions without limitations. Take your phone to Thailand for a month, your customers would never know..

2. Advanced Find Me

You aren’t always at your desk when important telephone calls come in. Perhaps you’re at the coffee shop, or traveling between meetings. We can automatically transfer unanswered telephone calls to your mobile phone, or even another office.

3. Voicemail to eMail

Instead of having to be at your desk, pressing prompts and listen to voicemail messages in chronological order & having to replay messages to write down numbers or information, we send you an MP3 file to your inbox, putting you in control.


4. No Expensive Hardware

Traditional phone systems require an on-premise PBX which controls the call routing and greetings. VoIP services offer Hosted PBX included in the monthly plan.


As you can see there are numerous advantages of switching from traditional telephone services to small business VoIP. The future is bright for business VoIP as more small businesses make the jump. Ask our team how you can start taking advantage of VoIP features and flexibilities.



If you’re a Vancouver business and looking for a reliable VoIP telephone provider.
Our team is here. contact us today for a custom quote.



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