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3 Secrets VoIP Providers Don’t Want You To Know About

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VoIP Providers Have 3 Secrets They Never Tell Business Owners

B1 Communications has been a Vancouver VoIP Provider for nearly 10 years now. Over that time we’ve learned a thing or two about VoIP services and the industry at large. There are some shocking secrets that VoIP providers don’t explain to their customers. For instance, there are a number of technical hurdles that small businesses face when switching from traditional telephones to VoIP phones. There are a number of considerations around your router, on-site systems and current wiring that could impact your new telephones.


1. VoIP Can Have Endless Technical Hurdles That Are Impossible For Non-Technical Business Owners

Each time we setup a new business with VoIP telephone services we are presented with unique challenges. It can take our highly trained team multiple hours and visits to resolve more complex issues. They range in complexity and are always an unknown. This is the best case scenario because our customers aren’t worried about the challenges. We arrive on-site and handle everything. It’s the duck on water scenario. Our team is frantically kicking our technical legs under the water. But all you see is a beautiful duck gilding across the water. We make sure your phones are working and everything is smooth sailing.

Now imagine contacting a large VoIP Provider that is located in… Say, California, or Ottawa. During their sales process you’ll learn all about the exciting VoIP features and the softphone mobile app options. You’ll learn about Cloud PBX systems and the various advantages.

They ship you the telephones and some cables. You’re excited to get started but you’re left to plug in each phone under each desk, spending hours looking for network cables, running to the store and

trying to figure out why some of your VoIP phones are working and others aren’t. You contact your new provider and realize you need a new VoIP compatible router. That’s going to take 5 days to arrive and until then, you are left without new phones.

We always suggest you choose a local VoIP Provider. Someone able to arrive at your office and setup your phones. You shouldn’t be faced with all the work of setting up new phones, dealing with complex router issues and networking head-aches.

2. VoIP Providers Biggest Expense Is Customer Service

There are costs around telephone networks, telephone numbers and VoIP servers. However, the lion-share of any VoIP Providers expense comes  from the staff delivering customer service and technical support. Finding the highly skilled and talented team required for VoIP is expensive and requires months of training.

Essentially meaning the lower your telephone services cost, the less likely your VoIP Provider is able/willing or can afford to give you excellent customer service. There are many short-cuts VoIP providers can take when it comes to support. For instance, email only support, charging for on-site visits and outsourcing customer support to lower cost countries.

At B1 Communications we believe our customers deserve the best support imaginable. We never outsource and only hire highly skilled ‘level 2 technicians.’ You won’t be transferred from department to department and our team will arrive on-site at any sign of trouble that cannot be easily fixed remotely. We promise that our team is 100% committed to you, the customer. We have 5 Customer Promises that guide all of our decisions around customer service.


3. Many VoIP Providers Just Resell Other Services

You’ll be shocked to learn the biggest phone provider in BC doesn’t have their own VoIP services. Telus actually resells RingCentral VoIP services branded as Telus Business Connect. Here is an article dated January 13, 2021 detailing an expanded partnership between Telus and RingCentral. Customers are always shocked and frankly disappointed when they learn that Telus doesn’t have their own VoIP platform.

In general, we find this type of arrangement often come with limited support and understanding of the products and services being offered. Since it wasn’t build by your provider, there is limited control and your provider is at the mercy of another company.

This is just one example of reselling that takes place. In our opinion it’s not good for you, the business owner. It means you are actually buying something out of the control of the company you are buying it from. We believe your provider should own their own services and be responsible for all aspects of their offering.



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