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2021 Unified Communications Trends

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Unified Communications is the new requirement for business telephone systems

The term Unified Communications has been around since the mid 90s in the telecom industry. However it’s become mainstream within the last few years and more recently, in part because of COVID-19. Business leaders were forced to upgrade all major IT infrastructures and adapt to a work-from-home model overnight. This shift put Unified Communications front and centre for telephone systems across Canada and the world. The old On-Premise PBX System was no longer good enough.


What Does Unified Communications Mean?

The term Unified Communications is a loose definition of an integrated communications platform. It’s the marriage of chat/video/office phone systems/ mobile phones, and file sharing. This trend has been going on for many years. For example, let’s examine the integration or unification of the smartphone. You use to have a mobile phone, pager, calculator, walkman, computer and camera – all separate appliances.


5 Trends For Business Telephone Systems in 2021

Unified Communications has become much more commonplace in the modern business as COVID forces work-from-home arrangements. Along with other technologies, the telephone system has to evolve with modern times. Here are 5 trends in 2021 VoIP telecommunications.


1. Softphone Apps for Mobile & Desktop

Say goodbye to the traditional desk telephone. We are in 2021 and the hottest trend in Unified Communication is the softphone. Essentially using software to replace your phone with your computer and cellphone. Business calls will be sent to your mobile & desktop computer. You can place outbound calls using your office phone number and you can transfer calls just like a desktop phone. This new virtual extension has become popular as the workforce stays home and works remote.


2. Internal chat and file sharing

Another popular tool in our 2021 trends list is an integrated chat function for co-workers, teams and file sharing. Our desktop softphone has chat functionality and allows you to communicate with team members using our softphone app. You can also create group chat windows, and share files between co-workers.


3. Hosted PBX System

At the core of any modern telephone system is the PBX System. It’s the engine (or brains) of your telephone system. Managing your greeting, call routing and transferring. Numerous companies are upgrading their old on-premise PBX in 2021 to a modern Hosted PBX System. This upgrade will reduce overall telephone costs and allow for companies to setup remote working and softphone apps.


4. Business Text Messaging

What use to be considered taboo, business text messaging has become commonplace. Everything from dental office appointment reminders to marketing messages are being sent and interacted with. Unified Communications includes the integration of text message platforms on your desktop and mobile computer. They integrate with CRMs, Ticketing Software, & other management platforms.


5. Remote Workforce

The modern workforce is more remote than ever before. With services like upwork and technologies like Unified Communications. It’s possible to have a workforce across multiple countries all answering local phone calls, managing services and delivering promises. It’s become such a trend that office vacancies are forecasted to climb by over 5% in the coming years.


Unified Communications is here to stay

Businesses are constantly having to keep up-to-date with market trends and service offerings. We’ve all witnessed huge businesses like Kodak and BlockBuster crumble from lack of innovation. It’s important that your business keeps current with technologies and trends. Both consumers and staff expect businesses to offer the most up-to-date services and technologies available. If your business has an outdated telephone system or on-premise PBX system it’s the right time to make the switch to Hosted PBX and VoIP telephone services.


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