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3 Reasons Vancouver Businesses Choose VoIP

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be butSmall businesses are flourishing in Vancouver and they’re choosing VoIP telephones to keep them connected. With stable high-speed internet and a growing tech sector, switching to VoIP is easy. It’s more affordable than traditional telephone services, and it offers features that small businesses need. As a local Vancouver VoIP provider, we’re seeing a surge in growth and interest among small businesses. They are looking for personalized service and total control over their telephone features.

Large corporations are moving into Vancouver and competition for talent is increasing. This challenge increases payroll costs and B1 Communications can save you money with VoIP telephone services. We are proudly located in Vancouver and dedicated to helping small businesses in our community.


1. Cost Savings & Hassle-Free Setup

There are several factors to consider when it comes to cost savings. VoIP can reduce your monthly telephone expenses. We also offer Leased VoIP Phones which will reduce your upfront costs of switching. Hosted PBX systems require maintenance, software updates, and unexpected downtime of your telephone system. With VoIP, you don’t need it. This alone can save you countless headaches, and thousands in hardware purchases, IT support contracts, etc. Instead, you simply call your VoIP telephone provider because they manage everything on your behalf. This is included in the monthly telephone costs and includes remote updates and on-the-fly changes anytime you want.


2. Vancouver Based For Vancouver Businesses

Other VoIP providers claiming to be from Vancouver, but B1 Communications is actually a Vancouver-based company. Our team lives in Vancouver and supports local small businesses. We’ll take care of your business needs as a fellow Vancouver business. One of the ways we help small businesses save money is complimentary on-site VoIP setup and service calls. There is no upfront cost or setup fees involved.


3. Competitive Advantage 

With over 200,000 Small Businesses in Vancouver alone, it’s an extremely competitive marketplace. Choose vendors that are aligned with your values, understand small business and treat you as a valued client. As a small business ourselves, we are dedicated to offering VoIP services that help grow your business.


Vancouver Business VoIP

VoIP is the new standard for modern companies. It’s nimble and offers features that standard telephone providers can’t match. B1 Communications will never leave Vancouver and we are here to support your small business in the long run. VoIP is the future and you owe it to yourself to contact our team and ask for a complimentary quote.


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Vancouver businesses are making the switch.

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