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Answer Business Calls From Home & Your Mobile Phone

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B1 Connect Mobile & Desktop Apps

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that working from home isn’t going away anytime soon. The new reality of work requires new tools, mindsets and providers. As such, we would like to introduce our latest VoIP solution called B1 Connect. It’s Unified Communications mobile and desktop apps designed for the modern workforce.

Mobile and Desktop VoIP apps allow you to stay connected with customers and team members regardless of their location. Turning your mobile phone and desktop computer into your office telephone system. Customers will never know they are calling your mobile phone, or desktop computer.

B1 Communications has always been on the cutting edge of VoIP Telephone features. Offering Voicemail to Email, Find me/ Follow me and advanced call centre management. B1 Connect is another example of our commitment to Unified Communications. Connecting you with customers regardless of your location.


5 Scenarios that would benefit from B1 Connect


1. Working From Home

In the past, it wasn’t possible. Telephone systems were very location specific. That all changed with Hosted PBX and VoIP telephone services. Smart Call Forwarding allowed your office phone system to transfer calls to your mobile phone. Now with B! Connect, you can receive, and place calls directly from your mobile phone, or desktop computer.


2. Mobile Workforce

Many organizations have staff on the road. Travelling between customers, job sites, etc. B1 Connect allows all staff to stay connected with one unified communications system with one telephone number. Staff no longer need to provide multiple numbers (office, direct, mobile)


3.  Hot Desk Office Setup

The new co-working style office. Staff aren’t assigned specific desks and have the ability to work from pods, desks, lounges, etc. Their laptop becomes their desk phone with our B1 Connect Desktop App. Giving staff a dial pad, transfer keys, receive and make phone calls.


4. Space Saving For Small Desks

If your office is limited in size and each staff member is only given a small desk. B1 Connect is the perfect solution. No need for a desk phone when you can integrate your telephone system directly into your computer.


5. Cost Savings

Without the requirement to purchase or lease VoIP telephone equipment, you will save money on your communication costs. The only thing you’ll need is a good quality headset. We recommend both Jabra or Plantronics headsets for their quality and longevity.


The Future of VoIP Business System is Unified Communications

As technology advances in telephone services, B1 Communications is committed to continued innovation in VoIP telephone features and unified communication services. Along with Mobile and Desktop apps we are making advancements in Telephone integrations with CRM systems, Help Desk Ticket Software.

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