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Celebrating 8 Years of B1 Communications

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Since the beginning, our mission has been simple; Deliver outstanding solutions to small businesses at the best rate possible. I know it sounds cheesy but we truly believe that over the last 8 years our VoIP telephone solutions have delivered on that promise. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our missteps or struggles along the way. In fact, we’ve even lost a few customers over the years based on those missteps. Each offering a lesson that our team won’t easily forget.

This post is a reflection of the countless milestones that we’ve endured. finding the first VoIP customer, learning the painful lesson of VoIP security which cost several thousand dollars and hiring the first team member to support our growing business.

The first 3 years of B1 Communications felt like the wild-wild west movie. Our team was in survival mode and our team was laser-focused on the tasks at hand for each day. We weren’t bothered by strategy, software, or fancy procedures. We had a job to do which was staying afloat and keep the customers happy, one day at a time.

As we entered our 4th year, things feel different. Almost as if we’ve graduated from school. We’re making decisions based on long-term strategies and we’ve got some pretty audacious goals that keep our team energized. It’s an exciting time and I cannot wait to see our continued growth and dedication toward outstanding customer service to every B1 Communications customer.

Since that time, our service offering has evolved with the times. Like our Mobile and Desktop apps. We have also kept our focus true to VoIP. As companies grow it’s often tempting to add other services to the portfolio, it’s something we’ve considered ourselves. Why not include internet with our business VoIP phones. Or perhaps we should offer small business IT or networking installation for Vancouver companies.  It wouldn’t be difficult, we’ve got the relationships, technical understanding, and the team to deliver it. So, why might you ask have we stayed away from everything else and put all our eggs into the VoIP telephone basket?


Lessons learned – the hard way

Prior to B1 Communications, telephones, and VoIP, I use to own a digital marketing agency based in Gastown. We delivered some of the best websites in all of Vancouver (At least I thought so) Our clients, many of which were small businesses based in Vancouver started asking about other services. Can you help with Social Media, SEO, Marketing Campaigns & Branding? Slowly but surely we said yes –  and it was a total disaster. We were out of our comfort zone, lost focus on website strategy, fell short on customer expectations and our revenue took a nose dive over the next 12 months. I realized that adding services isn’t always the answer for growth. We shifted our focus back to websites and I’ve never looked back.

With that being said, I think we’re pretty great at delivering reliable VoIP services and understand business telecommunications needs. I will never risk our focus on VoIP for a few extra dollars. It’s not worth it, and our customers deserve our 100% undivided attention on delivering on our promise of reliable and trusted VoIP telephone services.


Thank you

Heres to the next 8 years of an incredible journey with some of the best customers any business can have. Thank you to each small business that has put their trust in our telecommunications network and the services we offer. I truly appreciate your loyalty and continued support.



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