Small Business Phone Systems For 2021

Business Phone Systems

Improving your business phone systems makes business sense As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know the features of modern business phone systems. Giving you the competitive edge that might just help you secure new customers, improve relations with existing ones and make staff more efficient. In the past 10 years the telephone has evolved into […]

Office Phone Systems – How to make the right decision

Business Phone Systems

Office Phone Systems – Features You Cannot Afford To Overlook We’re always surprised when businesses don’t have Call Display on their office phone systems. You read that right, in the year 2021 there are still businesses without call display on their telephones. It’s shocking and unreal. Now that we’ve covered the opposite side of the […]

Is Call Recording Legal In Canada

As a Vancouver-based VoIP provider, we have a lot of features like call recording for small businesses. We have an extensive Features Page highlighting many of them. The amount of features included with our VoIP plans are a source of provide for our team. Scenario 1: Recording All Incoming Telephone calls We recommend setting up […]

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Calling Features Perfect For Plumbers Dental Offices

Does your small business have an emergency after-hours cell phone that gets passed around like a hot potato? If the answer yes; this blog post is for you. This article was inspired by a recent VoIP installation at a glass repair business. They operate a 24 hr emergency answering service and have 6 Polycom VVX401 VoIP […]

10 Benefits of Switching Your Business To VoIP Phone Services

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Modern business requires modern solutions. VoIP telephone services provide flexibility, reliability & remote working options. VoIP is quickly becoming status queue. Summary of Key Benefits Offered With Business VoIP Our team is so passionate about business VoIP and the power of Hosted PBX that we could go on and on like a country song about […]