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Small Business Phone Systems For 2021

Reading Time: 3 Minutes
Business Phone Systems
Reading Time: 3 min

Improving your business phone systems makes business sense

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know the features of modern business phone systems. Giving you the competitive edge that might just help you secure new customers, improve relations with existing ones and make staff more efficient. In the past 10 years the telephone has evolved into a modern platform that keeps you connected when you’re in the office, on the run, or working from your laptop abroad. There are so many new VoIP features that have become common-place in the business world that you’ll fall behind if you haven’t explored a new phone system for your business.


Introducing Smart Auto Attendants With Your VoIP Telephone Systems

With the advancements of technology, customer behaviour and expectations have changed. Surprisingly, research indicates that customers now prefer an auto-attendant with simple, easy to use navigation that connects them with the right employees. We’re not talking about the complex multi-layer auto-attendants that make you want to scream. We’re talking a modern greeting, with straight forward options that empower your customers. This gives you the opportunity to ‘brand’ your phone systems greeting. Does your company command respect and authority? Thus using an older deep voiced gentleman to greet customers? Or maybe you’re a young, hip tech startup who wants a younger more edgy feel?


3 New Features Of The Modern Auto-Attendant 

  • Find Me / Follow Me
    • Customers can select your extension number and be directed to your office deskphone. If you aren’t there, traditional PBX systems would send the caller to voicemail. However, the new VoIP solution is to redirect callers to your mobile phone. This provides you the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation instead of returning day old voicemail messages.


  • Greeting Schedules
    • Even your old PBX system had schedule options. However, VoIP has taken things to a new level. If you call B1 Communications our telephone system will greet you with “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” based on when you call our Vancouver team. We also offer our customers 24/7 emergency support. Unlike traditional PBX systems which just list off an alternative cellphone number to call, our system offers a smart solution. “If you would like to leave a voicemail for our team, press 1, if this is an emergency and requires immediate attention, press 2.” This streamlines our approach and allows our customers to reduce the number of emergency calls as the voicemail option is first.


  • On-Hold Marketing Message
    • Creating branded messages has been proven to improve customer loyalty, trust and increase revenue. It gives you an opportunity to automatically ‘upsell’ each and every customer. Informing them of products/services or features they didn’t know you offered. As an example, we have a customer who offers window washing/pressure washing & seasonal services. Their hold prompts offer promotions if a customer selects 2 or more services. They have seen a 20% increase in the number of customers who request multiple services.



Connecting to Mobile and Desktop Apps

One of the most exciting VoIP innovations that have come in the past few years is the Mobile and Desktop VoIP apps. It’s easy to use. Simply download the iOS or Android software, business connect login and your office phone is now in your pocket. You can even place outbound calls using your office phone systems telephone number. Customers will never know you are actually calling on your mobile phone or desktop computer.


The Business Case To Upgrade Your Business Telephone Systems In 2021

If your business telephone systems haven’t been upgraded in the past 8 years, it’s time to look at the latest VoIP features that can impact your business. The new PBX or Cloud telephone systems offer various solutions that can improve customer service, sales and staff efficiencies. We would love to sit down and look at your current business telephone systems and see if there are opportunities that you could benefit from.



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