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Switch To VoIP Can Be Scary For Small Business

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We thought we’d take a minute to face the scary & overwhelming side of making the switch to business telephone providers from traditional phone lines to VoIP with Hosted PBX. You’re going from a known telephone system to something new. VoIP offers all kinds of promises around flexibility, cost savings, and advanced features, but at what cost? What kind of effort is involved in making the switch? Will Hosted PBX be reliable? And most importantly, will VoIP deliver consistent high-quality calling?

Fear not, every VoIP customer of B1 Communications started like you. A long-standing user of traditional telephones that isn’t 100% sure that VoIP is for them. Although you might not be happy with your traditional telephone provider, or the services offered, it’s ‘safe’ to stay where you are. It’s a sentiment we hear every day from Vancouver businesses both small and large. They have an old Nortel telephone system (or something similar) which is beginning to show it’s age. You have to make a decision and the last time you looked at telephones it was 10+ years ago. Things have changed dramatically and there are so many more options in the modern world of communications. Welcome to 2018, you can now select a Hosted PBX solution with VoIP that doesn’t require complex installation, maintenance contracts & expensive hardware.

VoIP telephones are the new ‘normal’ among business communications. Companies like GE, Coca-Cola & Microsoft have been using VoIP to power their communications across the world for nearly a decade, and small businesses are catching on. Even traditional telephone providers are starting to offer VoIP telephone services.


There are several considerations when making the switch to Hosted PBX and VoIP services that will ensure you experience a seamless switch.

  1. Understanding VoIP and the factors that ensure crystal clear calling.
  2. Identifying important features and use cases.
  3. Finding the right VoIP provider for your business.


So let’s tackle the most important item on your list – Call quality. We’ve all heard horror stories that VoIP is awful, calls sound crackly, has delays when you’re speaking, and sounds like you’re in a wind tunnel when speaking. This is primarily based on your office network and B1 Communications will work directly with your team to ensure you have the right setup before moving forward. Call our team to discuss the features and services offered by B1 Communications based in Vancouver.


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