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Hire Remote Staff With VoIP Telephones

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You heard correctly, VoIP telephones will give you the tools necessary to attract better talent and surpass your competitors. Let us explain.

Traditional telephones require staff to be within your office 9-5 handling customer service, outbound calling campaigns & general business activities. Compare this with VoIP which is night and day. VoIP telephones powered with Hosted PBX can be plugged into any high-speed internet connection in the world. The possibilities are endless: home based offices, Mexican vacation houses & beyond…

The next generation of employees are empowered to live a lifestyle of their choosing; not willing to commit to the status queue of workforce norms. They are willing to work exceptionally hard for companies that conform to this new era of lifestyle working. If you empower staff with the ability to work remotely, you’ll access a talent pool that your traditional telephone counterparts can’t touch. Talk about a competitive advantage!

Unlike coffee, or extended medical coverage, offering employees remote working options won’t cost you a dime. In fact many companies are saving tens of thousands of dollars a year in office expenses. Large companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple all benefit by offering staff the option of working remote with cloud-based tools, and of course, VoIP telephones.


Staff that are given flexible options are willing to

work harder and perform better.


We know that going 100% remote might be extreme. In fact, our team at B1 Communications often works in our office. We believe in face to face interactions and the benefits of in-person meetings. That being said, our argument is simple. VoIP telephones give you the ability to make flexible decisions as business needs change. Perhaps your top sales performer wants to work from home one day per week or an all-star employee is relocating across the country. Do you really want to loose these A+ team members over trivial out-dated business ‘norms?’

Because VoIP relies on Hosted PBX which is accessible by high-speed internet, your staff members can answer the telephone anywhere without customers being the wiser. Your receptionist console will even have an indicator light when they are on the phone/busy or available. It’s as if they are down the hall in their office.

When considering if VoIP is right for your small business, we ask that you think about other technology like email. Do you have a mail exchange server in the closet of your office? I’m guessing you don’t, you switched to the cloud years ago. Back in the 90s every business would spend thousands of dollars on hardware and IT support to manage on-premise servers. That seems crazy in today’s day and age and having an on-site PBX system that manages your telephones is the exact same thing. It’s time to get with the times and upgrade your telephone to a cloud-based solution. Ask our small business VoIP experts for more information. We’re here to help.


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