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My Entrepreneurial Journey To VoIP

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As an entrepreneur, you’re in the trenches making 10,000 decisions daily. From your target audience, branding, and of course vendors.

When I launched my first business, Evoda Group a digital marketing agency in Vancouver I spent a significant amount of time sourcing suppliers. Everything from print shops for business cards to hosting providers and accounting software.

When it came to telephones, I carefully considering both Telus and Shaw as the defacto options. A friend introduced VoIP and the advantages available.

My business was being bootstrapped and financed with MasterCard and Visa. Every single dollar mattered and to be quite honest.

During my initial calls with the provider, I uncovered the requirement of an onsite-PBX system which manages the telephone routing, transfers, and greeting. The PBX they recommended was a bank-breaking $4,950 plus the individual telephones. I was back to the drawing board.

VoIP allowed me to get setup with a hosted PBX that cost zippo upfront. I found a reliable VoIP provider, purchased 5 Cisco phones and I was up and running for less than $600 dollars.

As someone in a customer centric business, I understood the value and appreciate great customer experiences and unfortunately the VoIP provider fell short. They had a large offshore call centre filled with untrained staff with overly complicated systems that were really painful and frustrating. After many years of dealing with this company, I knew that VoIP could be done better.

My childhood friend, who happened to be a techie setup and created his own VoIP network at home. His 1 bedroom apartment had 4 VoIP telephones all setup with routing, transferring and greetings. He was a kid in a candy store, to be quite honest, it was quite hilarious.

After several choice drinks, we realized there was an opportunity to do it better.

We spent the next 12 months developing and testing VoIP networks. We quickly realized that setting up a reliable network that offers crystal clear voice quality is extremely difficult.

Once we were confident that our VoIP network was both reliable, and worthy of business usage we reached out to the local business community. We found several companies willing to test our telephones over the next 6 months and we were in business.

We were officially ready for every small business in Vancouver to switch over… It’s been over 3 years now and we have helped numerous small businesses and facilitated millions of telephone calls. Our future is bright and we look forward to expanding our customer base, service offering, and team as we grow.



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