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The Business Case For Our New Website

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Entrepreneurs are constantly being sold new websites by digital agencies looking for their next website project. You need to decide when it’s right to move forward. It takes an incredible amount of time and resources to build a new website or brand project.

As someone that spent 4 years running a digital marketing agency, and I know first hand, the significant amount of work involved. With that said, it’s important you understand exactly why you’re going to make the leap, and what you are looking to achieve.


Behind the scenes into our decision and expected ROI of our new website

For B1 Communications, we launched a new website in February 2016. The decision was based on several factors and metrics that were negatively impacting our growth and success. After much deliberation which involved market research, customer outreach and google analytic metrics – we made the leap. Investing in a new website which highlights the many VoIP Features and Small Business Plans offered.


Review of Our Previous Website:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.36.44 AMWe launched the website in late 2013 with 8 pages focused on business VoIP, cost savings and benefits. This website lacked the ability to update without a software developer on-staff. It didn’t include a blog and our SEO was lacking. Without significant organic traffic, we looked at paid campaigns but lacked the ability to create marketing pages or A/b test theories.


Without Content Marketing, We Had Limited Growth.

Over time, the website was no longer reflective of our current business model and didn’t communicate the reliability of our VoIP network. Our values, tone, and message changed since that website was launched 3 years earlier so business owners were confused and turned off.

Our New Website:

The new website took 4 months of hard work, dedication, and focus toward the future. Utilizing a content management system we build a beautiful site which reflects our high-quality VoIP services for small businesses. We created 10 landing pages designed for various industries and the new site clearly communicates the advantage of business VoIP, highlighting our experience of delivery of high quality calling on a reliable network to countless organizations.


The Results:

We believe our new website is beautiful and reflects our current services, but nothing is better than hard data. Google Analytics has proven what we already know, because the new website is performing much better than our previous website.

Average Page Views: +159.70%

Average Visitor Duration: +195.3%

Bounce Rate: – 26%


Visitors to our new website are twice as engaged with our content and the average visit exceeds 5 minutes. That is an incredible statistic and a 48% bounce rate so visitors were staying on the website.  The investment of a new website has already paid off and we’re doubling down on advertising campaigns and email marketing. If you are thinking about investing in a new website, consider the metrics and business impact of your current website. Is it helping your business or hurting it?



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