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Why We Choose Vancouver

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As a Vancouver native I often overlook the beauty of this city. I forget that most cities around the world aren’t surrounded by beautiful beaches, seawalls, and stunning mountains for hiking, skiing & snowboarding I specifically wanted B1 Communications to be entirely Vancouver based. Outsourcing was never considered and never will be. From our VoIP Engineers, customer service, and sales team. We’re all based in Vancouver and love what the city has to offer. Our team takes advantage of what this city has to offer, from boating, sun-tanning, to snow boarding & hiking.

It’s an incredible city to be an entrepreneur and launch a small business. You’re surrounded by other entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are building their small businesses across all industries and startup phases. Some are launching Apps, others are solving real world struggles, and I’m building a SaaS style VoIP business.

As autumn approaches, I’m reminded of all the activities our team members took part in during summer. We shut the office early on Friday’s which gave the team a chance to beat the crowds to the beach for Vollyball, BBQ’s and swimming. We took a sailboat up False Creek and watched the Celebration of Lights Fireworks in English Bay.

As a VoIP provider, our customers are important and they were never left adrift during our Friday office closures. VoIP is such an incredible service with flexible options, and we take full advantage of those features. We quickly setup Follow-Me and all inbound calls were redirected to our team’s cellphones. Customers were taken care of, our team was happy, and everything worked out well. VoIP is so much more than a replacement for your telephone lines, it empowers you to make decisions for your business. Do you have an employee that wants to work from home 1 day per week? We can setup a phone at their home, or connect to their cellphone without any interruption to your business operations.

The features offered with Hosted PBX and VoIP are powerful, and it’s one of the main reasons we love our product. How many SaaS companies can say we keep you connected with customers as you enjoy a Corona on the beach?

We love Vancouver and will continue to do business here. It’s a vibrant supportive and entrepreneurial city with support from the local government, and peers alike. If you’re considering a city for your next business, you should seriously consider Vancouver as an option. The city is stunning and you’ll attract incredible talent.



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